News February 08/2007

Made the first Monocoque Setup for road , wasn't such a hassle as I expected .

Integrated Taillight + mounting Spots for #-Plate Holder   




March 04 , first Pics of the Monocoque:

                         Monocoque upperside 2.jpg (125542 Byte)                              Monocoque leftside 1.jpg (146800 Byte)                             Monocoque underside 1.jpg (135966 Byte)

Comparison Tailsection WSBK- CBR:

Below a Picture of the Tailsection, also Monocoque ( NOT MINE ),which Barros is using on the CBR1000RR.
Its just a demonstration , which way you also can go to solve the Battery/Starter-Relays/Exhaust hanger-Problem.
This Tailsection is at 1275 gr, mine at present at 1247 gr .

Monocoque Demo.jpg (137587 Byte)
         Monocoque demo 2.jpg (93115 Byte)       




History/Modelwork Pictures :

               Monocoque CBR Modelwork 3.jpg (123905 Byte)             Monocoque CBR Modelwork 2.jpg (163141 Byte)             Monocoque CBR Modelwork 4.jpg (183656 Byte)              Monocoque CBR Modelwork 5.jpg (113451 Byte)


As far as I am now I know it will be finished, so I can post it here .  Done end of  February :

A 3 Pcs Combo :

-  Carbon Monocoque with integrated Battery /Starter-relay pan
-  bolt on (but with Quick-fasteners removable )  Seat with Option of different ride-heights and profiles
-  special lightweight Fueltank-dummy 

Estimated Max.-Weight of the whole Setup 2 - 2.2 Kilogramm , means 4.4 - 4.85 lbs !!

......for German Championchip mainly I've developed and thought through this Setup .

But...because some of my friends already know what I'm doing here (and want this Stuff), through there visits , I cannot deliver immediately end of Feb., because I have to fab a few Sets for my friends, and because such a Setup takes a few days I'd say I can take orders for mid/end of March at the earliest.







Monocoque+Cover 6W.jpg (175354 Byte)              Monocoque+Cover 5w.jpg (127327 Byte)                 Monocoque+Cover 2.jpg (133938 Byte)             Monocoque detail conjunction1.jpg (78090 Byte)            


        Monocoque-Cover inside.jpg (196464 Byte)             Monocoque-setup, Fueltank-Cover1.jpg (138973 Byte) 

Test on a PC 25 
Moncoue on PC25.jpg (232082 Byte)