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NEMESIS PROFESSIONAL Traction Control now available for  the CBR1000RR 2004-07
As Plug and Play Kit


Nemesis TCS for the CBR1000RR SC59 2008-2011 available end of October !!

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2009 May 17: HRC Stuff mounted.
No Time left over to Build a Motec Wire Harness
So for 2009 I have to go for a Motec ADL /HRC Solution.
Will work, even it would have been more easy with a M800 ECU.


2009 May 13: Bad.
I'm too far away from OEM Motorcycles, nobody told me about the OEM ECU and OEM Dash.
The Motec ADL is doing what I want, but not the OEM ECU.

Bike does not want to start.
Hell for me.


2009 April 30:

Integrated Quickshifter via programing.

I am even be able now to determine Quickshift Ignition/Injection Delay depending on lean angle.



2009 April 23:
Further Development of my new Traction Control.

2009 March 28:
Sooner than expected, the new 1000RR superlight hidden radial Rearbrake.
Available for 04-09 Models


Soon inside my online Shop


Just to remind you... how it looks OEM :


2009 March 27:
The superlight hidden Rearbrake is at the Anodizer, expect first Pics in 7 Days.


2009 March 09
First Step done to monitor front wheel Speed
... I've not done this Speedsensor Bracket... just in case you might think so


2009 March 05
Honda/CBR sophisticated Traction Control

Got a new really sophisticated Traction Control Idea, to be tested this year.
My Idea is just to use the Motec Dash.
No very complicated wire harness for Motec ECU is necessary.
All logging Features available.
Incredible Opportunities of TC refining.
Tests done this day have been very successful



2009 February 25.

First hidden superlight rearbrake Assy Prototype is done and fits.
No Modifications required, Production starts soon.
Weight total 500 gr.
OEM Brake line fits

Available for 04-09 1000RR in about 5 Weeks.




2008 December, 08 1000RR smart superlight rearbrake Assy:, one of the largest Dealers for Honda in Germany borrowed me a new 1000RR today to develop a little nice superlight rearbrake-Assy.
Thanks Basti.

Hard work for me, if you have to be so careful with a brand new Bike.....

But so far so good I've got the Template done, so if everything fits this superlight rearbrake Assy will be available in January.


2008 May:

Repsol 1000RR equipped with CMC Discs




2007 Okt :

Now road-use Monocoque-Setup available          

The Race-Version :

Honda Harke 1000RR






September 2007 :              

Congratulations- Team Honda Holzhauer won the International German Championship  !

 Fast guys on Fast Bikes , some of the best laps on certain tracks are only 0,7 seconds less than best laps in SBK .

Far leading Team in Championship , the lightest Bike of all , HRP CBR1000RR , build from Jens Holzhauer/ Gerhard Thiede , driven by Martin Bauer , using my stuff as Monocoque Setup , Aluminum Clutchplates ,Carbon fairing stay , and more .

Thank you for visiting this Site: Thorsten Durbahn,Germany -Hamburg

Call : +49-160-99833750

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