Durbahn CBR1000RR Parts

Aluminum Clutchplates available for CBR 1000RR !


May 31 2007 :

made a draft for Brakediscs , which include opportunity for sensor reading /traction control , received them today .
Available for CBR600 / CBR1000

Carbon Monocoque Setup
the #1 of weight saving !!

....uups , missed it obviously , to mention , that this Setup - which is used in WSBK and international German Championship - is available now .
The Maximum weight saving , a Tailsection , which is Subframe and Tail in one.

I'll update this Section soon ( today is 21.June /2007 )



Carbon Airbox complete

Carbon Snorkel for OEM Airbox

Carbon Monocoque Tailsection

Carbon Rear Hugger


Carbon Engine-cover Protectors 

Carbon Dashboard/Headlight Bracket

Factory-Fairing 2004/05 

GP-Shift rearsets road or track

"Invisible" Rearbrake , superlight .

Battery + Starter-relays tray Aluminum

CNC- milled handlebars

zero-play rework for shiftrod

Y-Waterducts Aluminum

PT-Radial Brakemaster

ISR -Radial Brakemaster

fairing mount brackets CNC-machined


Dashboard/Headlight Bracket

made from 2 1/2 m2 Carbon !




Fairing-Stay 2.JPG (34111 Byte)          Carbon Fairing stay mounted 2.jpg (72321 Byte)


 Made out of 12 Ply's Carbon the fairing stay is 220 gr total ! OEM cast Aluminum is 740 gr 

News August 2006 : 

Availble now also with hangers for headlights  for road-use !



                               CCC CBR 3.jpg (93716 Byte) 

Measured here up to
50 % less handforce you need-and probably you don't know,what a sentiment for clutch slipping you have with a cable clutch. This new EVO2-2 Type is revolutionary adjustable from 1.9 to 0.7 mm declutch stroke, You will be able to set the CCC EXACT up to the declutch-stroke your clutch need ,means : you need not more handforce than absolutely necessary !   


Includes the CCC itself,pressure-Rod from Aluminum,Carbon-Sprocket Cover,Cable and 2 Levers


                 CCC_CBR_2.jpg (90735 Byte)       

Comment from North valley Honda :

"Thanks for getting these to us. We did put the CCC on
one of our Superbikes for Laguna Seca and it did fix
our problem of clutch grabbing on the racing start. We
can now rev the bike to 8000rpm and slip the clutch to
obtain a smooth start.

Comment from Team Apache-racing :

"The CCC greatly improved my starts"

I've send a CCC to BMW-Motorcycle for a diploma,they've compared the CCC vs. the Hydraulic declutch-System

Handforce-diagram Hydraulic                           Handforce-diagram CCC

Kupplungshandkraftdiagramm hydraulic.jpg (89258 Byte)                                                          Kupplungshandraftdiagramm  CCC.jpg (99307 Byte)


Carbon Snorkel for OEM Airbox      Snorkel Carbon for OEM Airbox.jpg (101981 Byte)

Moreless same as HRC,half of the weight and half of the Price .
Approx 30 % more intake Voloume


Carbon Monocoque Tailsection with Seat and Fueltank-Cover

The most efficient Diet at all and it's lowering  the center of gravity drastically .
A concept which is good enough to be driven in WSBK should be good enough for your Bike :

Tailsection, Fueltank-Cover + Seatpad , 2.3 kg or 5lbs  total !

CBR-Harke 12-Web.jpg (205172 Byte)                       s

The Explanation how it works Monocoque Expl. Eng-Deu.jpg (195055 Byte)

Road use Option !         

Saves up to 33 lbs  , or 15 kg !
Half the weight of what has been driven in WSBK 2005 , and still a few gr. less compared to what they ride now ,and also a few better features .

The Advantages

1 : Lightweight and Stiffness at its max
2 : Easy and fast assembly /disassembly  (less than 120 seconds)
3 : Easy Maintenance , fast access to battery and starter relay ( less than 10 seconds)
4 : Easy change of ride-height , for testing or different riders or circuits   ( less than 20 seconds )
5 : Fueltank still has to be moveable backwards with Monocoque mounted .
6 : Fueltank and wire Harness can be removed and installed with Monocoque mounted
7 : Clean inside/underside Optics ,no Battery-Bracket, no heat-shield, no wires, no nothing
8 : No Dirt,Water, Salt can reach wire harness, Battery and Starter-relay

Content :

removable Seatpad ( 3pcs Assy carbon Support /Foam / Coat ) ,CNC-Machined integrated Aluminum-Pieces to carry Fueltank , Carbon Fueltank-Cover ,Tailsection with integrated Pan to carry Battery + Starter-Relays .



Airbox installation : click here

Airbox incl. snorkel.jpg (115590 Byte) 
CBR Airbox  Airbox6.5.JPG (80245 Byte)

maximum Volume,maximum weight saving     
...now also used from leading German SBK-Team for WSBK
(where it's allowed to mount an Airbox)   

November 2004: very soon I'm able to provide all customers with a map,especially created for my Airbox and open race can as Arrow, leo vince...and so on.

Very successful testride on May 12 . We've mounted the veryfirst Airbox at the CBR and the Owner went on road for half an hour . No PC3 or something like that. The subjective report was:

- no dips through whole rpm range
- much better throttle response
- engine revs faster up
- more pressure through whole rpm-range,especially from 6k up
- not much louder
...just real sound
                             Airbox8.jpg (95574 Byte)                     Airbox7.jpg (72421 Byte)               


              This is how it looks OEM:    ...but behind........:   

And those are the Bits you can remove Airbox,bits you can remove.jpg (87258 Byte) 2.7 kg this Plastic is.If i also consider the underpressure-can and PAIR-crap like relays,hoses...... I'd estimate the weight-saving with a Carbon-Airbox at 2,6 -3 kg .

What I can say now-regarding the CBR-Airbox :            
I'ts max.- Volume ,shaped it with a clearance of 2 mm to the frame,and ~ 1mm to the fueltank-cover and the Injectors are also INSIDE the Airbox
It's max. light ,because I've used a large area of the OEM Fueltank to seal the Airbox
It's easy installation,because there will be a removable Secion of the Airbox for easy throttle-cable installation .
A btw-Advantage : the Fueltank is covered by a dummy which leads into some kind of heatening the fuel (of course,I'm not sure if this is neglectable ),but through the shape of Airbox there will be a permanent cooling of the Fuel during riding.

Special :


March 2007 :                           

Made a special Airbox for 2006 - 2007 CBR1000 RR , with grooves for wire-harness , and a Pan for the ECU , which is on top of the Airbox .


"Invisible" Rearbrake , superlight .

 Fits with special PVM rearwheel (or similar aftermarket) ,but works also with slight modificated OEM wheel ..

Available 30.01.05 Bracket anodized black or silver,weights 60% less than stock .
FFor required

For required modification of rearwheel contact me :T.Durbahn@gmx.com




 Rearbrake invisible 2.jpg (78603 Byte)        Rearbrake invisible 3.jpg (74986 Byte)        Rearbrake invisible.jpg (102538 Byte)       Rearbrake_assy6.jpg (81906 Byte)


GP-Shift rearsets road or track

GP-Shift rearsets road or track (suit for kickstand)  rearsets road and track GP-Shift.jpg (98943 Byte)

After some testing inside German Championchip and feedback of customers it came out the optimal position of the footpegs is not far away from OEM Honda,so these rearsets are a bit lees than 1/2" higher and 1/2" more to the back. CNC-milled from 7075 Aluminum,NOT milled so filigran that they flex once you put your foot on the peg,very durable,designed to protect also the Bike (Engine covers) at a crash .

Available silver or black anodized


Factory-Fairing 2004/05  

This fairing is designed for more Topspeed (+8km/h thay measured here) , through a 8 cm smaller shape at the front-end .
And, as track-fairings should be , the lower cowling covers the Bike at it's maximum towards swingarm and addittional it's able to keep a 
10 Liter Volume of Oil or Water in case of a damage /leakage .

Some more features of this  track Fairing :
No cutout for kickstand
Sharper angled windshield
2pcs upper/lower assy for fast removal

All Versions are lightweight : Glass or Carbon/Kevlar or Carbon .
Made with one of the best available Epoxy-resins on Market , NO Polyester

Light single Endurance-headlight versions possible too .                                          


                                              Front width  factory fairing  front explanation.jpg (130043 Byte)             Rearend   factory fairing  rear explanation.jpg (148914 Byte)                    factory fairing 2.jpg (98972 Byte)

PT-Radial Brakemaster

  on stock,verylight : ,CNC-machined ,19mm bore,288gr total,every spare-Part available.Adjustable Lever ,completely hard-anodized, with bleeding-srew     Pt Radial Master.jpg (98506 Byte)

ISR -Radial Brakemaster       ISR Radial master.jpg (81887 Byte)

on stock,CNC-machined, anodized,multi-adjustable 19mm basic bore , but through a smart mechanism inside you're able to adjust the stroke continously,which leads into covering brakemasters from 17- 21 mm bore ...